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Β Wish you could take the perfect instagram photo? The Confused Millennial shares 3 easy steps to instagram worthy photos that you can do at home for under $20. Cost effective and pretty! #winning!



In case you missed last weeks post, I shared 2 of my favorite apps for growing my following on Instagram by 600% in 30 days. The response was so overwhelming that I decided to write a follow-up post!

The most common question I got was:

“but how do I take Instagram-worthy photos”?

So this week I wanted to answer that question in detail:

1. Keep it simple. Think about the Instagram profiles you love they all usually have one main focus and a fairly neutral background.


So even though you may not have the best home office, or beach, or mountain to be your backdrop… you can still have a pretty awesome Instagram picture.

How can you achieve the above look?

FOAM BOARDS. Yep, remember back to middle school days where you would pick up a foam board for a school project? It's time to get those again! You can pick up this nifty pack of 10 foam boards on Amazon… you might be wondering why I suggest 10… stick with me on this… so you know those super luxe photos you probably drool over:



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Well what if I told you, you could make that happen for under $10?!? That's right! You can pick up textured vinyl adhesives to stick on the foam boards and create an entirely different look. They come in marble, rustic wood, and white wood! How cool?!?


2. Use the “Rule of Thirds”. In photography there is something called the Rule of Thirds. You probably have seen the gridlines at some point while taking a photo (if not, get out your Iphone, go to settings, then to photos and camera, scroll down until you see grid, and switch it on)… well that grid helps you with the rule of thirds, see how it the frame is broken down into 9 sections? or 3rds? The goals with the rule of thirds is to have your main focus point/subject at the intersection of 2 or 3 points, rather than just centering the photo.

rule of thirds

It makes the photo more interesting and engaging, as opposed it just being centered or really far off center.




3. A DIY Lightbox! Cheap and easy! 


Want more lighting tips? Check it out–>

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96 thoughts on “Take Instagram Photos that WOW”

  1. I need to get more foam boards! Not shockingly they don’t last all that long in my house lol! I really need to put together a DIY lighting area.

  2. Jessica Bradshaw

    These are great tips! Your Instagram photos are always beautiful. πŸ™‚ Love the backdrops idea.

  3. I love these tips! I actually used that hack for creating a marble backdrop, and it is so game changer. That acrylic paper is only like eight dollars, and a white posterboard is one dollar from target.

  4. Ooo the vinyl sheets and foam board idea is GENIUS! I have vinyl sheets that I just kinda… roll out. I’m definitely gonna start sticking them to some foam boards! So much easier

  5. I wish I had known this weeks ago! Love the ideas! We do a ton of DIY home remodeling, so lining up the shot in that 2/3 space is really helpful for me to be cognizant of as I post. Thank you!

  6. Krissie Aguilar

    Great tips! I’ve been looking for new backdrops for my photos so I’m totally going to check out the adhesive links you posted!

  7. Great tips! I actually use a giant poster board for most of my pics haha! Definitely need to look into those adhesive rolls though. The lighting thing can be tricky sometimes, but thankfully we can tweak that a little bit!

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