3 Tips For Choosing Bridesmaid Gifts

Looking for bridesmaids gifts? Here are 3 Tips for choosing What To Get Your Bridesmaids - The confused millennial

Who felt totally overwhelmed when it came to what to get for my bridesmaids? This girl did!

I spent weeks pouring over Etsy shop after Etsy shop trying to find the “perfect” floral robe to do the traditional “bridesmaids getting ready” photos. Then another bride told me about a friend's bad experience with a high rated Etsy shop sending them itchy robes – so I started panicking reading every review in a slew of 500 #totallynormally.

The more and more I thought about it – the less and less I could see my bridesmaids in floral robes. They are a sarcastic and “realistic” bunch – rosy robes just didn't seem quite like them.

I stumbled upon this look of tank tops that the girls could actually wear after the big day (no offense to those sorority style #bridesquad looks!) with cute PJ shorts; so I decided to adapt it to fit my girls.


Here's 3 things to keep in mind when choosing bridesmaids gifts:

a) Yes you want it to be something they will wear the day of your wedding for photos…

b) … but you also want to keep your friends in mind and choose stuff they could actually use after that day. Otherwise, it's just a gift to yourself.

c) You also want it to be something somewhat unique to them (if not, then definitely write them a letter and thank them for everything throughout the process and their friendship, support, and love over the years)!

I ended up choosing these cute Kensie pineapple pajama shorts from Nordstrom Rack (which are on a MAJOR sale right now!). Shorts are a little more difficult than

Shorts are a little more difficult than robes, since shorts fit everyone differently and people have different preferences for the fit of pajamas so I got each girl a small and a medium and let them choose what size fit them best the day of and returned the one they did not keep.

I also decided to go with shirts that fit each of their personalities:

I found all of their shirts on Romwe*. Which I love because everything is always on super sale (all of these shirts are $10 or less!).

You can snag these still: “Making Magic Happen*”  |  “Black is my happy color*

But I couldn't find the “I Never Liked You Anyway” tank, so here are a few alternatives I love:

Me? Sarcastic? Never.*”  |  “Awkward is my specialty*”  |  “Netflix Nachos & Naps*”

I also got them these fabulous Kendra Scott earrings, which I had already given to them before the photographers got there, so you can see them in here or on their ears below!

Even though this isn't gift related, I wanted to touch on their dresses. If you caught this post in the Wedding Wednesday series, on how to stay besties after the wedding, you know how important it is to think about your friends and the financial investment you are asking them to make in your big day. I cannot recommend this dress from Lulu's* enough! Seriously it's only $70 and you can wear it a million different ways! I loved it so much that I got myself it in navy and tie it in a casual way so I can wear it out to dinner, or dress it up for a wedding. Definitely a good staple to have.

What did you give your bridesmaids or what tips do you have for choosing bridesmaid gifts?
What was the best gift you ever received as a bridesmaid?

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70 thoughts on “3 Tips For Choosing Bridesmaid Gifts”

  1. I opted for monogrammed tote bags and kendra scott earrings. I felt good about it haha 🙂 Love these ideas!

  2. These are so cute! I got mine PJ shorts too and a monogrammed button up so they wouldn’t mess up their hair when they were taking off the shirt to put on their dresses haha.

  3. I’ve never been a bridesmaid (nor am I anywhere close to getting married) but I love the idea of personalizing your gift to actually match your bridesmaids! I agree that I couldn’t see any of my friends enjoying a floral robe, but I could see them in a really sassy tank or tee and some fun shorts 🙂 Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. These are the cutest gift ideas for the bridesmaids! This is such a fun thing to choose for them as apart of wedding planning!

  5. I love that you didn’t just pick a tradition gift and really got your girls what fits them and who they are!

  6. Love this idea! I have six bridesmaids who all have very unique personalities! I love all of them, and have already started a pinterest board for gift ideas for them! You had such a cute ideas, I love it! My bridesmaids are all getting different navy colored ones, they were all really excited for it! I am going to really personalize one of the gifts I give my girls!

  7. I love this idea!! I see so many brides that pick one thing and get it for all of their girls, but I love that you personalized each girls’ gift!!

  8. You were so organized and I love the idea of shirts! Such a special touch for each friend. I was in a wedding once where the bride told us ahead of time that our gifts were going to be necklaces to wear on the big day. When she handed us our gifts at the rehearsal dinner, she gave us a wine glass instead. Everyone had to go out that night to buy jewelry for the wedding. ? It was a bit disastrous.

    1. Haha pinterest saved my life! omg no way! I actually had the opposite problem but not as bad! I didn’t tell anyone about their gifts except my MOH – so the wedding day i gave them the earrings and clothes and my husbands sister (one of my bridesmaids) and his mom got upset that I didn’t tell them about the earrings because I guess she was wearing diamond earrings and they had to take them off or something? I swear this was the biggest headache for me during the planning process.

  9. Super cute gifts! I bought mine everything mango flavored – not sure why since it didn’t fit into my theme but I liked it! A mango hair care set, mango candle, and mango salsa. haha

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