Life Lessons from Full(er) House

 9 Life Lessons from Fuller House. As a millennial, Full House shaped my childhood, and now it continues with Fuller House. - the confused millennial

*FBF Post In Honor of the Second Season of Fuller House airing on Netflix on 12/9/16, I am doing a Flash Back Friday post. This post was originally published on February 27th, 2016*

You may know from this post or this post just how much I talk about Full House in my day-to-day life.

Within the first 4 minutes of every speaking engagement I have with Gen Z, I share about my childhood and reference Full House and how it shaped my relationships growing up.

Full House was so much more than a television show to me (and I am sure many other millennials), it taught me lessons about family, friends, and life, such as…

It's okay to ask for and accept help:

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The show wouldn't have existed without Danny asking for help from Jesse and Joey; and Fuller House would not have come to be without Kimmy and Stephanie stepping up for DJ. I would not be the person I am today without asking for help or accepting it when I've been too stubborn to ask.

Passion means more than experience:

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Think about it, Jesse had no clue what he was doing around kids, and now neither does Stephanie, but they both REALLY want to figure it out and give it a shot. They both made mistakes, but things ended up going really well.

At this stage in our lives we probably have more passion than experience when it comes to careers, business, family, and so many other areas that I encourage you to ask “What would Uncle Jesse do?”

Everything in Life has a Lesson

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Whether you're a kid or finally getting your #adulting on, everyday we should be learning… and Full House had no shortage of lessons to be learned. Whether it was Uncle Jesse learning to compromise when taking over Stephanie's girl band or Danny needing to balance his time more after being named San Francisco's most eligible Bachelor or DJ learning to not starve and overly exercise just to fit in. Take a step back and look at thoe contenious points in your life and figure out what the lesson to be learned is.

Loyalty is the best accessory

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The Tanner's (and Kimmy) stick together through everything. They close every disagreement or mistake with a healthy conversation and a hug… and it's not unrealistic to bring this lesson into our own lives. We are all different, we all have unique points of view, but if we can have a healthy conversation and find compromise, we can always hug it out and stick together.

It's better to be you, than be cool

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Whether its Kimmy rocking her stinky feet and ridiculous outfits with pride or Stephanie struggling with smoking and partying only to be miserable while trying to fit in with the “cool kids”… this show has more lesson about being true to yourself than I can count. May we always remember that when something feels off or inauthentic to us, it's a barometer that we are not being true to ourselves. That's how we will fulfill our purpose in life whatever that may be.

We all go through that awkward phase

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No explanation. Thanks DJ.

True friends are more important than fake friends

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Remember when Kimmy ditched DJ, because she was a total geek burger with cheese, to hangout with the older, cooler girls in high school? DJ tried talking some sense into Kimmy that these chicks were just using her and thought her name was Kammy… needless to say Kimmy wised up and now 20 years later on Fuller House Kimmy and DJ are still stuck together like PB&J.

As we #adult we can lose ourselves and our friends. Friendships are bound to change as we are bound to change. Remember to pay attention to those who are there for you in the good times and bad.

Break ups suck for everyone, No need to make it any harder

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Everything I learned about breaking up, I learned from this show. Steve and DJ set the standard for me… they both hurt from it, and it wasn't easy on either of them, but there's no need to make it any more difficult with saying cruel things.

You Don't Need to Have it All Figured out in your twenties

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Sometimes it can feel like we are falling behind in life… but we're not. We are all just figuring it out as we go… just look at Jesse and Joey throughout their lives, and now Kimmy and Stephanie… there's no rule book in life, just a bunch of people doing their best and getting by with some good laughs and good friends.

Fuller House has aired to some mixed reviews… and while I haven't finished the whole season yet, I've watched about half. Sure, its got some character and plot holes and more corny jokes than I can count (but so did the original)… but it's exactly how they have been promoting it: a fun, lighthearted reunion which pokes a lot of fun at itself. At the end of the day the life lessons above all can be found in Fuller House too, and I for one am happy to revisit the Tanner home (now the Fuller Home), for a good laugh and cry (yes, I have literally cried in about half the episodes I've watched thus far haha).

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  1. This was my favorite show growing up! I remember it was a treat to be allowed to stay up a little later to watch an episode! I loved the life lessons it taught!

  2. SO many great life lessons here! I loved Full House! I was so excited when they came back with Fuller House. And is it just me or did this new season come up out of nowhere?! I literally JUST found out about the second season last week haha

    1. Thanks Keating! It really did pop up out of no where! i think the world was so busy with the gilmore girls revival we all missed the notice about fuller house two lol

  3. This is so cute! I grew up watching Full House on TV but haven’t finished watching season 1 of Fuller house yet haha!


    1. Oh no! Get on it! haha full house was way better though imo! I think the second season is doing a better job of setting it up as more of its own show though and am starting to like it more

  4. Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    Full House has always been one of my favorite shows! I definitely enjoyed watching the first season of Fuller House and I have yet to start the next season!

  5. Michelle Champalanne

    Full House used to be one of my favorite shows to watch! I haven’t seen the revival yet but it’s definitely on my to-watch list!


  6. I still haven’t watched season 2! I need to binge watch ASAP! I love all the life lessons you found in the show! I especially love the ‘you don’t need to have it all figured out in your twenties.’

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