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Hey everyone and welcome to The Confused Millennial! A millennial lifestyle blog by one confused millennial for other confused millennials.

What you can expect from this blog is a lot of rants, some typos, and #TRUTH!

After getting fired twice a few years ago, I started my business. I was afraid to call myself a “coach” when starting out. Honestly, I thought the coaching community was bullshit, and I still do. That's not to say I haven't met some awesome coaches along the way, but I think the majority of them are full of crap and sleazy.  They push their lies and false promises down your throat and make it seem like if you don't sign up with them now you're screwed! And if you don't get the results you want there's something wrong with you.

I realized my biggest asset as a “coach” (for lack of a better word) has actually been my greatest struggle… You see I know that I know nothing. That's right, I know nothing. People tell me I am an expert, but I've never felt like that.  The truth is, feeling like I know nothing has allowed me to always be learning from the best. But it has also stopped me from sharing in an authentic way since I've been so scared that other people will realize I know nothing too.

But I don't really care anymore. I went through this whole “rebrand” for my business, and sure I can offer all of the services I promise, and I have a super pretty and “polished” website (designed by yours truly :-), but guess what, I hate it and every time I look at it, I feel like a fraud.

Why? I have no idea… I can do and have done everything I say I can, but my day to day does not look like that. Most days are spent in my pajamas, work out clothes, or bathing suit. Really nice professional clothes hang in my closet, untouched. If you see me at a networking event I will totally look and feel like that website probably. However, if you know me (like really know me) you know that's not me. I curse too much, I never wear make-up, and I literally slap my knee when I laugh ( total dork move, at least that's what people have told me my whole life).

I need to let you know right now that I know nothing. All I have learned is from watching videos, life experience, and reading blogs. In fact, most of the information in my coaching packages is just a thorough google search away… That's right! You pay me hundreds to thousands of dollars for stuff you can find on Google.

I realize I may be totally destroying my business right now, and I am totally okay with that. Truth, I've been  been missing waitressing. The camaraderie and fast pace is great. I am fully prepared to go back to it if all my clients fire me after this and nobody ever buys another coaching package from me again. Or you can say “fuck yes! This chick gets the struggle is real!” and sign up for a free consult call. Don't worry I am not a good seller and will probably just spend the entire call giving you free advice and forget to tell you anything about my services unless you ask.

If you haven't already, I do suggest you sign up for the newsletter to this blog. Not the bullshit one on my “business website.” You'll get all of the posts and real talk life updates. Not the same old wishy-washy coaching crap you can find on any other coaches website.

With love & honesty,