20 Life Lessons from Gilmore Girls

 I fell in love with both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler back in 2004, when they delivered us Mean Girls. Then fell in love with Tina Fey all over again in her book, Bossy Pants* which I strongly recommend if you haven't read it!  Sisters* is now On Demand if you have the HBO app (woot woot!) and I HIGHLY recommend you watch this movie. Seriously, I could not stop laughing. Not gunna lie... this post is a bit of a stretch. I had to seriously think about these life lessons.


In honor of Gilmore Girls sweet 16 this week (seriously, how has it been 16 years??) and their return to Netflix next month (who else is counting down the days until 11/25?!?), I decided to have a little walk down memory lane and recap some of my favorite life lessons from Gilmore Girls.

First off, I know every #basic chick out there is probably like “OMG GILMORE GIRLS!” but seriously, this show meant more to me than words can ever describe. I remember being in sixth grade when it came out and sitting down with my mom and a bowl of popcorn to watch. As each week passed, it became more apparent how closely the Gilmore Girls lives paralleled our own.

My mom and I had been on living on our own for as long as I can remember (she divorced my biological father when I was four and before that he didn't really live with us), and she always said it was “just the two of us” even though she had boyfriends along the way. There had also been more years than I can count during that time where we did no talk to my grandmother.

I felt like Rory was my spirit animal, with her nose always in a book, drinking way too many cups of coffee wayyy to young, and we looked like sisters (ok maybe distant cousins). I always fancied myself the “outcast” in school. I even had a best friend who basically was Lane, a fun loving, musical, funny, loyal, amazing person with extremely religious and strict parents.

Like Rory, the strongest male figure in my life wasn't blood related and came into my life during those awkward pre-tween years, and we definitely shared some awkward moments along the way.

My first boyfriend was a “cool guy” from out of town who was literally the sweetest most perfect first boyfriend anyone could ever have hoped for, much like Dean. And just like Rory, after my first kiss, I said “thank you” and panicked.

And the female generational dynamics between Emily (grandma Gilmore), Lorelai, and Rory hit very close to home. I know the old saying “girls and their mothers” but honestly it's crazy how Lorelai would not be talking to Emily and my  non not talking to her mom, and me and Rory would be put in the middle time and time again. Or even Rory and Lorelai's issues in later seasons seemed to foreshadow the issues I would have with my own mother as I tried to become my own person and we would ultimately go from being BFF's like the Girls in the early seasons, to talking less than a handful of times a year these past few years.

Heck, I even had a Paris in high school who literally was beyond competitive with me and we were always neck and neck in classes.

Because only one of us can be president, so you should remember how grateful you would feel about being VP!

Needless to say that even watching this preview, I began crying as all the old feelings flooded back:


This show has so many coming of age moments and life lessons, that I could probably write a short novel on it, but instead I will keep it short and sweet with these 20 Life Lessons from Gilmore Girls:


1. We need people in life who get us and will commiserate with us.


I think one of the best things about this show, is how it teaches us to find our people who accept our quirks, accept us unconditionally, and will communicate when things are hurtful. The community found in Stars Hollow and it's characters, is what created this strong desire for me to “find my tribe” – which blogging has totally been that outlet and I'm so grateful for each of you reading this right now!

2. Definition of flexibility.


At least this is the definition of “flexible” I have taken on in my life ?

3. Life will always throw us things we don't want to deal with.

 Life really sucks sometimes. Whether it's a Monday, your alarm not going off, or getting hit by a deer – this show reminds us that those crappy times will always come back around, but it's a lot easier to get through them with #1 in place.


4. The importance of boundaries in the workplace. 

 Okay… maybe this is why I kept getting fired in my adult life… haha ?


5. The importance of television in our lives. 

Ever since I was a little girl I have been obsessed with TV and movies. I have pretended they are my reality (even blaming Belle (from Beauty in the Beast) when I wouldn't get my chores does as a child. TV/Movies are my world, I love them. They are a lifestyle. A religion. … oh and pizza too ?.

6. How to measure our own character and inner conscience. 

 Literally, how I make my decisions in life ?

7. Robots are something to be feared.

I have always wanted to get one of those ?, but constantly fear this situation. Anyone else?


8. How to dress for your first job

 Seriously, if it doesn't meet Luke's standards for “appropriate” then there's a problem.

9. How to deal with my mother 

 Basically the last two years of my life. It was definitely difficult to get to this point, but channeling my inner Lorelai has certainly helped.

10. #RelationshipGoals 

 Basically the filter I used to find my future hubby.

11. how to take a compliment 

 Do not be one of those people who refutes compliments. You are a badass and people need to take notice!

12. how to clean out a closet 

 True story, when we moved into our current apartment I still had a ton of clothes from high school and needed to use this thinking to clear a bunch out.

13. We all will disappoint our parents.

I think one of the best transformations on the show was from Lorelai and Rory's adult-child BFF relationship, to adult-adult relationship (especially in our twenties) which is complicated and strained. I am really excited to see how this all shapes up in the next season!


14. The right way to read a good book.

 Does anyone else do this to their favorite books?

15. #priorites



16. Who should not be president

seriously, how is this a reality?


17. What it really feels like to be a young twenty something.


 Seriously, if Rory Gilmore felt this way about post-grad life, how was I so naive to think it would be easy?


18. All the coping skills I will ever need in life


Oh and grilled cheese and poptarts.


19. Emotions are complex



20. Basically how to get through life


Thank you Gilmore Girls for shaping my life and I can't wait to see you next month!

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