12 Things To Do When You Don’t Want To Do Anything At All

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I don’t want to do anything at all today. I don’t want to adult. In fact, I can’t adult today. I’ve literally spent all day eating salty and sweet snacks while watching Awkward and wondering WTF am I doing with my life. I have started and stopped writing like six different posts today. Finally, I just decided to say, “[email protected]#* this sh*t” and decided to throw up an archive post. Only, when I started scrolling through the archives to this time last year, it turns out I was going through that exact same feelings.

fuck that

Real talk, this time last year I was going through a way more stressful personal situation. But more or less find myself in the same place: writer’s block and freaking out about my future. I go through this wave ever few months or so, but apparently it’s always worse the second half of August. Maybe it’s PTSD (not really) with back to school time? Like who ever wanted to go back to school?

raise hand

Okay well anyone with their hand up is a bunch of losers.

Seriously, it’s like queue August 15th, let’s have a melt down. V not good considering I have like 5 million deadlines and am taking two full weeks off in September (depending on how long this mini-melt down of mine lasts, I may or may not have new posts, but hey there are a sh*t ton of archives for you!) — Anyway, I’m going to Hawaii for two weeks and it’s going to be the first time since E and I got together in 2012 that we are taking a real vacation. Yes, we’ve traveled a bunch together, but it’s always been for something: work, a wedding, some other lame AF obligation. Okay work and weddings aren’t lame, but any other reason we were traveling not related to those two things were probably lame AF.

So here I am, a complete waste of space and I know it’s probably just stupid mercury in retrograde. Or end of summer blues, even though we still have like a month or so left of summer, and summer is never really over in FL… but let’s go with that as all the other betches bust out their fall clothes, PSL’s, and UGGs.

basic bitches

Okay, I am probably basic AF too, so just color me jealous that it’s never cool enough to wear UGGs or plaid or drink hot beverages where I live.

…I digress…

Here are 12 things to do when you don’t want to do anything at all:

1. Question your entire existence on this planet.

… because I’m in my twenties and WTF else am I going to do in the middle of the day on a Tuesday?

2. Pace the room like a maniac during said questioning.

…maybe this counts as exercise?

3. Eat.

…Do the calories not count if I eat them while pacing?


4. Stare at the ceiling

…this was way more entertaining when I was high in high school and had a popcorn ceiling.

5. Nap


6. Binge watch TV or movies

… now that my eyes are rested from that nap, watch these movies for your quarter life crisis

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7. Better yet, re-watch last nights Bachelor In Paradise

For whatever reason, my seasonal crisis seems to always happen during BIP season, I’m going to blame it on this ratchet show… but hey at least I learned some life lesson from season 3 of bachelor in paradise

8. Look at chores and your to-do list

Maybe you’ll get some motivation to get one of them done!


HAHAHA “Quit playin’ yo’ self!” – DJ Khaled

Yeah, I’m just going to appreciate this mess and let it beeeee, because I can’t adult today and IDGAF

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9. Contemplate what it feels like to be an actual adult.

… because honestly, I don’t believe anyone ever feels like an adult. Like we are all just winging it right? RIGHT?!?!

10. Think about working out

…Then decide not to, obvi.

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11. Think about going to the beach/pool

…but then think about skin cancer and wrinkles and all that fun stuff that comes with being outside midday for too long and decide doing nothing is still your best option.

12. Give yourself permission to do nothing.

I could tell you to “take a shower” or “choose one small thing to get done” or “brush your teeth” – but LBH, when you don’t want to do anything and you have the freedom to actually not do anything, why not just enjoy it? All jokes aside, I’ve found that when I give myself permission to do nothing for a few days, I end up bouncing back that much quicker and stronger.

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So with that, I’ll catch y’all on the flip side!

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