10 Things I Loved This March

Millennial blogger's 10 things i loved in march featuring past blog posts and life update - the confused millennial
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In case you didn't know, April is National Stress Awareness Month! Seriously, I love how this month always gives us the chance to reground and prioritize self care. But before we can look forward we have to look back.

ICYMI, here's what I am loving from March:


With the move, it certainly felt like all the things were beyond chaotic (not to mention we've basically gone 1 week without internet or TV!). It definitely gave me the chance to reorganize my life though. I fell in love with these planners from Samsill and how they've helped me customize  & make my own planner.

DIY planner with samsill

Cactus | Candle c/o | Binders


March felt like the month of community and I loved answering a reader Q on the blog on all the secrets behind my blog's growth! Since that post, my inbox has been flooding in with questions and I can't thank you guys enough! Sometimes blogging can feel so lonely. Like if a tree falls in the forest, does any one here it? I love hearing from you guys!

Chatting with hit TV Writer Diana Snyder!

My husband love Young & Hungry, so when Diana stumbled upon The Confused Millennial and wanted to submit a guest post, I was so excited! Her story of how she went from no connections living in New York, to writer for a hit TV show in LA is so inspiring! Plus she shares some super valuable & actionable tips in her post on “How I Went From Nothing To My Dream Job

The Bachelor Finale

Thank g-d that ish is overrrr! I wrote all about it in my Bachelor Finale Recap, but it was just painful to watch by the end. Plus with this season over, it means we are getting closer and closer to my favorite reality show, Bachelor In Paradise! Plus it also means we are getting closer to The Twins getting their own show, more Raven, and *fingers crossed* more Corrine! #TeamCorn


ICYMI, TCM turned 1 last month!! I honestly am still so blown away by the respond to my post on “10 Lessons From My First Year Blogging“. I still get random grins on my face from the outpouring love y'all have shown me this year. I can't say it enough, but thank you all so much for helping me turn my blog into my career. I never thought I my dream career would be blogging, but it truly is and it's now becoming a reality which is amazing!



Setting harder boundaries on guest posting.

While March was certainly the month of my new favorite guest post, it almost felt like a joke from the Universe in my inbox… You see, after I wrote this post on reasons no one is responding or posting your guest post submission, my inbox became flooded with emails for guest posts! Normally I would take the time to respond to every single one with reasons why it wasn't chosen, however this month was different. Instead, I either deleted (if it was so grossly out of left field) or I responded with a link to that article which felt oh so good! It still surprises me when people use the contact form to ask if they can guest post, when literally the sentence above the contact form says “click here to guest post” #SMH.

Starting the decorating process.

Many of you know by now that E and I literally moved without owning a single piece of furniture (okay we owned my desk and a tv stand). So I couldn't be happier to start pinning things to my vision boards for our home and sharing with you all how we are creating the vibes we crave (without breaking the bank), like in this post on “How To Affordably Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Luxury Hotel's“.

The “Oops” Moment of the Month:

Okay, maybe I don't “love” this but it's worth sharing: The week I wrote this post on the best email marketing provider I've ever used, I got an email from a subscriber saying she wanted to be removed my list because she was getting too many emails. This was odd to me since I only send 1 email per week. I looked into her account a little more and it turns out there were 3 emails sent that were unaccounted for. I was in a total panic, “It would happen the week I finally decide to write this post there's a massive glitch in my mailing list #SMH”. I literally felt like my credibility was shot, I was so upset and embarrassed. Mailerlite did sort it out, and I realize glitches happen, but again if you got those random autoresponders from me, I am so sorry! <— Although, I guess in a weird way this is another example of the community I was feeling this month, since thank goodness someone told me!

Our Wedding Video!

We finally got it back from our videographer and I was thrilled to have it on repeat this month! I am so happy we decided to get a videographer for our wedding and loved sharing my tips for choosing a videographer with you as well as our wedding video!

3 Tips For Choosing A Wedding Videographer plus millennial bloggers wedding video - the confused millennial



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How was your March? What are you looking forward to in April?

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  1. Jordyn Upchurch

    Yay for sharing your wedding video! That was one thing we went back and forth on before we got married and I’m so thankful that we decided to go with a videographer-it holds some of the best memories from that day!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  2. Shobika Santhalingam

    I’m not going to lie, it’s been a real productive March month for me as well! First off, I must say, I love your floral arrangement in your wedding video picture. Absolutely gorgeous! I have to agree with you on decorating and organizing. As much as I want to do everything and anything that is already in my PINTEREST BOARDS, I can never find the time to do it. sighs.

  3. Victoria Stacey

    I love this 10 things you loved post! I think this is one of the first I’ve read of yours, and I love the idea! 1 year of blogging – so exciting! The photos are great 🙂

    1. I love the one’s that aren’t even in english! #SMH – or the ones that literally follow up with me every week after they submit, even though it says allow 4-8 weeks for a response! I end up telling those people no

  4. Love this Rachel! Glad you’re finally getting settled after the move – definitely on the same page about the organization obsession haha. And definitely don’t worry about the email thing – mistakes happen. It is pretty ironic that it happened to occur the same time as your post though! Glad it’s sorted out!

  5. Ahh March sounded like an amazing month for you! Happy 1st bloggiversary, and can’t wait to see your decoration project! x

  6. I totally feel you on that email thing! A subscriber sent a rude email telling me to take her off my list and that she “never signed up for it” – I looked back at her subscriber history and saw that she opted-in for my free content calendar, so i sent her a screen shot of that and she apologized. LOL

    1. Love it! Yeah we literally own nothing and have to decorate an entire house too! It’s going to be a SLOW reveal! We are like halfway done with the first room, but SO far off with everything else!

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