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Is it just me or do the months feel like they are flying by? Like where did May just go?!? I literally can't even… Before I look back on all the things I loved in May, I want to take a minute. June is a big month for me. It always has been (since it's my birthday month!), but it's also the month I lost my dad. I won't get into everything today, stay tuned to June 16th though!, but wanted to acknowledge his passing. Yesterday marked eight years without him. June 1st is a day I will always remember. I can't think back on it without tears welling up in my eyes. So, here's to you dad ? .

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Eating Healthy

I am actually a major foodie. If I had the patience I would totally be a food blogger. I tip my hat to that group of people, because you want to talk about hard work, planning, and a money pit, it's that niche. I love food. Not in the way other people say they “love” food. But in the way that I will literally take 3 days to eat a truffle because I want to savor every. single. morsel. of it. Or will drive 90 minutes out of my way to get the best chicken and waffles in Florida. I'm that kind of foodie. Would you guys want to see more food stuff on my Instagram or the blog?

spring chicken florida

With BlogHer coming up this month (who else is going?!?) and our long over due honeymoon later this year, the hubs and I are getting into shape! A big part of getting into shape for us has to do with diet. When I am on a health kick, I'm on a health kick. I'm talking probiotics, raw, organic, vegan, juicing, the works. When I'm not on a health kick, I'm all about ice cream, cookies, brisket nachos, New York Company grilled cheeses, and the like. Typically, I'm pretty good at balancing the two conflicting sides of me. I truly enjoy eating healthy and cooking. But with the stress of the move, getting a new puppy, and work, it became a lot easier to order in every night. I'm officially back to balancing what I am eating and getting on the workout band wagon once again.

My “go-to's” right now include: green smoothie for breakfast, yogurt and muesli for lunch or leftovers from dinner, and chicken in salad for dinner or my new favorite: mixing chicken, black beans, trader joe's corn salsa, pico de gallo, and avocado, topped with trader joe's chili lime spice! YUM!

Healthy Mexican Style Chicken Dish

Revamping Blog Graphics

I switched things up a couple of months ago and am slowlyyyy making my way through all the old blog posts to re-do them! Boy is this a huge task *phew*! Learning how to get started with graphic design was one of the biggest and best things I've done for my blog. It's hella time consuming, but so worth it. I put a lot of pressure on myself to have clean, crisp, and color images which have taken a lot of time to practice and refine.

However, it's the best feeling when people compliment my branding or say how recognizable my content is. I do a silent happy dance inside each time! Or when I speak with graphic designers of major companies who give me a funny look when I say my brand colors are green and yellow. Then I show it, and they're like “oh that actually works well!” #winning

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Staying Motivated

Historically, the start of summer rolls around and my brain turns to mush. I don't know if it's the heat, or spending countless hours in the ocean, but I struggle to get things done. Oddly, May has been my most productive month both on professionally and personally. I reached a couple of financial milestones with the blog AND was able to get a few rooms in our home 90% of the way done! Can't wait to do the first room reveal this month! A lot of how I stay motivated and on top of all the things has to do with how I schedule my day which I wrote about in May. I like to have a healthy mix of gritty and soul rejuvenating tasks, as well as find extra hours in the day by thinking creatively about how I'm already spending my time.

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Talking Credit

From 2014 to 2015 I went to local substance abuse treatment center to teach the life skills curriculum I wrote. The groups covered vocational topics, wellness, and finance primarily. Credit scores were always my favorite topic to get into! It felt so good to share just a little bit of my knowledge with you all on how to get started with repairing your credit scores. I know a lot of you are in the process of getting those babies up, so if you have any additional questions don't hesitate to ask!

Millennials, learn what credit is and how to get started in repairing your credit score today - The Confused Millennial, millennial blog

DIY Home Decor

I am just starting to get into some DIY fun on the blog! Growing up I loved DIY projects! However as #adulting took over my life, I found myself with a lot of half finished projects shoved into a closet. I shared my first completed DIY Pom Pom Lamp on the blog in May and am so pleased with how it ties everything together in my office. Are you guys into the DIY stuff? Should I add some other projects I am working on?

How To DIY a Pom Pom Lamp

Saying “No”

Saying “no” is something I am really good at. However, saying it nicely is something I have always struggled with. Not only do I struggle with resting b*tch face, I also have resting b*tch voice! You could say I'm #blessed, or that I'm a condescending b*tch. It really depends on the perspective people ?. Typically though, it's been a curse. Something that deeply hurt me at times when working a 9-5, which was why I loved this guest post from my friends at Bullit on 5 Times To Say “No” At Work & 3 Ways To Do It!

It's tricky balance to figure out if you are saying “no” out of fear of the unknown (which is not okay) or you're saying it to protec your time and productivity (which is totally okay). This month, I've turned down countless projects and meetings simply because I don't have the time and it really helped me stay motivated (re: #1).


Connecting With Brands

Y'all I've been having SO much fun working with brands lately! I am getting to really tap into my creativity and push my knowledge on some of my recent and upcoming collaborations. It feels so good to push myself in the content I am creating for you all and the pitches I am sending brands. My confidence has sky rocketed and I loved sharing how you can connect with brands for sponsored posts too last month!


As much as I love color, I love a good neutral. We've been making some serious progress on our bedroom (which I am so excited to share with y'all in *hopefully* July!) and it's truly a neutral urban oasis! Aside from neutral home decor, if you open up my t-shirt drawer all  you will find are black, white, and gray Emi Jay tanks! I seriously LOL'ed a couple of days ago at the sight!



This may sound cliche, but I truly fell back in love with blogging in May. I'm not going to lie, I closed out April and started May in a total angsty tailspin when it came to my blog. I've been experiencing my first ever “blogger plateau.” While I didn't have writer's block per se, I certainly struggled with what to write next. I love having sponsored content or a launch period since it gives me some structure when planning my editorial calendar. I cover so many topics on here (and am not willing to give a single one up), but it can feel confusing and overwhelming about what category needs a post and when.

Towards the end of May, I went full tilt on writing about blogging for a course launch promotion, and that actually gave me some time to shut my brain off and focus on June's editorial calendar and how to balance that out. I'm happy to say that I'm actually ahead on content for the first time in what feels like forever. I feel re-connected to my audience. I feel re-invigorated! I'll be sending out a reader survey officially later this month, but if you're an eager beaver and want to share your thoughts on how I'm doing right now, click here.

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My dress is linked first below. I couldn't find it in white, so I linked it in grey. Plus some cheaper off the shoulder options:

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  1. Kelsie Kleinmeyer

    I’m proud of you for saying no. Loving your graphics! Hugs to you as you remember your sweet Dad!

  2. Girl, I am THE SAME kind of foodie! LOL! I’ve totally gone out of my way for food. Like, wayyyy out of my way! 😛 😛

  3. I lost my Mom in June too, in 2011. I can understand, trust me. On a more cheerful note, congrats on all your recent endeavors! I hope to feel as confident about my blogging one day! Cheers!

  4. Brittany Daoud

    You’re so inspiring, every time I read your posts I feel empower and motivated to keep going 🙂 Cheers to May, bring on June! <3

  5. It sounds like you had an amazing month! I can’t wait to see what you have planned for June and yes to more food on Instagram and yes to more DIYs! Also if you are sharing recipes YES to food on the blog! 🙂

    1. Haha I would love to do food on the blog, but like seriously, that ish is SO much work! Eventually its something I REALLY want to add (I used to teach a cooking class actually haha!). So I’ll just start adding more to Insta for now 😉 how is whole30 going?? I am heavily considering it…

  6. I love that May was such a productive month for you! I’m totally the same way when summer comes around – haha!!! Also, yay for revamping your blog graphics – everything is looking great!

    – Kaitlin

  7. I wish my diet was on point this past month, but I’ve been eating so bad!! Hopfully mine will be better this month. Sounds like you had a good May!


    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  8. This is such a cool post! Just thinking what I loved in May…. definitely cocktails outside in the sunshine 🙂

  9. Oyinkan Ogunleye

    As much work as it is, I enjoy the end result of revamping my blog graphics. It always feels amazing!!!

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