10 Things I Loved In June

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Ahh I can't believe tomorrow is JULY?! Like how are we more than halfway through this year already?! It feels like time is absolutely flying over here – anyone else? June felt VERYYYY “adult-y” – and let's just say I'm ready to really embrace the summer vibes this month and take things a little easier! But not without looking back on all the fun things from June first!

10 Things I Loved In June:

Shaman Durek On the Podcast!

Since I announced at the end of last year that I was going to shaman school, you guys have asked me SO many questions about shamans! And even more specifically requested my beloved friend Shaman Durek come on the podcast! He stayed with me for almost two weeks in May and that was an absolute whirlwind! We recorded TWO episodes for the podcast. This one is all about what a shaman is, his journey to becoming one, and the truth about our planet and humanity. The second episode is full of practical and actionable tools you can implement in your life! First he breaks down the shamanic perspective on some of the most common mental health disorders we see today, then he shares ways to increase our intuition and psychic abilities! Have you listened yet?!

You can subscribe to the podcast on ItunesStitcher, Spotify (it's not currently updating but should be in the next month or two), and Google Play so you never miss an episode!

Celebrating Father's Day

If you caught this post on a Fatherless Father's Day, you know that I lost my dad almost a decade ago. He died 20 days before father's day, which happened to fall on my birthday that year. For such a long time I struggled because I couldn't really *feel* his presence anymore. Which was odd to me, because my best friend from high school who passed away constantly visits me (if you caught the podcast episode's with Shaman Durek, you know I talk to spirits). I could never understand why all of these other people who had passed would come to me, but my dad wouldn't even give me the slightest sign he was around or safe.

After Shaman Durek's visit that all changed and if you listened to the first episode where he talks about our brother's and sister's being trapped here on Earth, then it may come as no surprise at this point that my dad was actually trapped. He chose not to fully cross over to protect me from a spirit that had attached itself to me a few years before his death and had wreaked havoc on my life and self esteem. When Shaman Durek was with me, he helped remove the spirit. On June 1st, the anniversary of my dad passing, I got this overwhelming feeling to try and talk to my dad and I was able to for the first time in years. He shared with me why he stayed here, and I helped him move into the light. Since then he's visited me much more frequently and it feels so amazing to finally feel connected to him again. The full story about extracting the spirit that had been haunting me is something I'm excited to share with you all some day, but for now that's where I'll leave the details.

Turning 29!!

Ahh ICYMI, my birthday is in June! And I officially entered the last year of my 20s! To celebrate, I shared the greatest gifts I believe we can give ourselves before turning 30! Although I whole heartedly believe we can give ourselves these gifts at any age – and that we may sometimes need to re-give ourselves these gifts throughout life! – I do believe the earlier we can embrace each of these things the better!

On the same note, I also shared some of my favorite money lessons to bring into your life sooner rather than later in this post to set yourself up for the best financial future as possible!

So what did I actually do for my birthday? I got a massage during the day and then E and I went to our favorite Italian restaurant. While at dinner we realized it was the FIRST time we'd actually gone on a real date in months (possibly since the new year actually!).  The rest of the week I spent at the beach *relaxing* and it felt amazing. I'm ready for a month long vacation on a beach now TBH lol

Sharing one of my favorite blogging tools (and why it's such a rockstar with all this GDPR nonsense)!

Last month I shared why I've been using Mailerlite for YEARS and how they impeccably handled all the GDPR craziness! I'm such a fan and I've gotten a lot of emails from readers over the years who have made the switch too after I suggested it and they all love it! If you're a blogger or small business owner I really can't recommend it enough!

Career advice!

Last month I head the pleasure to travel with Megabus as part of their Career Coach program and shared my top tips for those looking for a new job! The other thing I want to say about career advice is to trust your gut. Last month I ended up unexpectedly firing one of the companies I outsource some tasks too. Within a few days I had found a replacement and a new energy/passion I hadn't felt in a while. I didn't realize how much of an energy suck keeping this other company around for as long as I did – despite growing frustrations – was actually having on me. So moral of the story, if things don't feel right don't ignore it. Take action – even if you don't know what the outcome will be –  you'll figure out the right next step as soon as you clear space.

Getting Re-Motivated!

Similarly, once I cleared space, I felt totally re-motivated! I loved sharing my tips for staying motivated and on top of *all* the things last month because I soooo deeply needed to reconnect with that part of myself. My daily organization and scheduling had started falling off until I made the decision to breathe some fresh air into my routine. I started going for walks on the beach every morning, outsourced to people who are a better fit, and give myself compassion to take breaks and get out of my office every now and then! Sometimes a change of scenery can work wonders when we are in a rut!

Releasing Unnecessary Pressure

If you do listen to the podcast, you know I had to take an unexpected week off. I definitely wasn't thrilled but the #adulting struggle just became all to real. I needed to get my life in order, revamp some of my systems, and just practice a little self care. In this episode of the confused millennial podcast, E & I have a good laugh about how we're dealing with #adulting and try to share some tips for surviving it. It was fun to just laugh and wing an episode without any pressure. It allowed me to be present and just have some fun.

Celebrating Summer!

Despite all the adulting going on over here, I did find some time to start celebrating summer, even while on a budget! I'm also planning a few trips using my tips for splurging *smartly* for later this summer to New York and to the West Coast of Florida! How are you celebrating summer?

Tapping into my body

Our bodies are soooo wild! They give us so many signs and are so misunderstood! Which is why I loved sharing part 1 of understanding the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle last month! Part 2 will be up on 7/2! Honestly, I didn't know anything about the 4 phases of my cycle when I went off birth control last year – let alone why I should care about it! But learning this information is a total game changer! It's like a roadmap for understanding our energy levels, how to plan our work/social calendars, what to eat, and how to work out! The more we can turn inward and learn to listen to our bodies, I truly believe the happier and healthier we will be.

The Bold Type

Maybe late to the game on this one, but I just got a Hulu subscription and binged The Bold Type and am OBSESSED! How beautiful to finally have a show with a positive work environment, amazing woman boss, and showcasing the true beauty and supportiveness of female friendships. Honestly, so uplifting and we need more TV like this!!

With that said, I'm like literally out of shows and am watching 90s tv at this point, so drop your TV recs in the comments!

What did you love in June? Anything you're looking forward to in July?