10 Inspiring Millennials

Well as many of you know from yesterday's Wanderlust Wednesday post and my Instagram, I've been traveling across the United States these last two weeks and meeting the most inspiring people! I decided I needed to do a round-up post of some of my favorite entrepreneurs and bloggers who have inspired me in my business so here it goes:


Okay, I know… I know… A round up post? This is something I never do on the blog! So what the heck is going on?!?

Well as many of you know from yesterday's Wanderlust Wednesday post and my Instagram, I've been traveling across the United States these last two weeks and meeting the most inspiring people! I decided I needed to do a round-up post of some of my favorite entrepreneurs and bloggers who have inspired me in my business so here it goes:

1. Maya Elious. Seriously, this woman came into my life at the perfect time. I was really questioning and doubting the on-line coaching industry when I stumbled upon Maya. I have no idea how I even got on her mailing list, but I did! On a total impulse I ended up purchasing her Master Your Market Course bundle and am so thrilled I did! She continues to provide so much value in both her free content and paid content, plus her delivery is no BS or fluff. But, what gets me above all else with her, is that she is real. During one of her Master Your Market Summit sessions, she talks with Kayla Hollatz about how important it is to respond and show up for your community, and let me tell you, she walks the walk and talks the talk! She shows up for her audience in her FB community and on social media and I am constantly impressed and inspired by her presence.




2. Tayo Rockson. Tayo Rockson is on a mission to inspire the next generation of global leaders. Tayo teaches people how to use their difference to make a difference. We met via the Twittersphere which led to me being on his podcast where we bonded over our love for TV, especially One Tree Hill, and then he was on my vlog series. His enthusiasm is contagious, he inspires me everyday to understand other peoples differences, even if it's uncomfortable.


tayo rockson


3. Veronica Chung. Veronica and I hopped on a Skype date three weeks ago to record the Inspiring Millennials Vlog (her episode is coming out next week!). We decided to hold off on recording and meet up in person during my trip to San Francisco. We ended up spending almost five hours together! We had such a blast and it was so inspiring getting to hear her story and how it's shaped her life's mission.


veronica chung


4. Eugenie George. Eugenie is a hustler! This girl gets things done! Seriously, she started following me on social media and reached out to meet up when I was in SF. I immediately said “YES!” and we ended up spending 4 hours together plotting world domination! Okay well not world domination… but how to better serve millennials to live their most fulfilling lives.


eugenie george


5. Kayla Buell. I had seen Kayla around the Twittersphere for a few months, then one day she sent me an e-mail out of the blue. After that the rest is history! She has become such an important resource and friend to me in launching my blog. She has been blogging for over three years and has transitioned her blog along the way and become a published author, seriously you guys have to get her book on surviving the corporate world, its great actionable advice delivered in a relatable and engaging way.




6. Shambray. I met Shambray on Instagram! (Are you noticing a theme here?). Shambray is such an inspiring woman. She is the mother to two adorable little girls and wife to her high school sweetheart and a fantastic blogger. Her blogs mission is to inspire the every woman and remind them that they cannot be everything to everyone (gosh haven't we all been there?). I love how real she is about the daily struggle of juggling all of the chaos. I had the chance to meet up with her and her daughters while in Utah! Let me tell you, these girls are even cuter in person! They're so sweet and well mannered too! Honestly, I hope I am as good of a mother someday!


utah shambray


7. Kayla Hollatz. You may remember Kayla from this episode of the Inspiring Millennials series. Kayla's story is so unbelievable and parallel to mine that I had to add her to this list. Part of growing an engaged community on-line means walking through fear. Something Kayla and I know all too well as we were both cyber bullied during our teen years. Today, Kayla is the founder of #CreateLounge and runs a successful Twitter chat and podcast all while working as a community coach! Talk about walking through fear and finding purpose from pain!




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8. Fabiola Giordani. Faby!!! OMG Love her! She is so engaging when she talks, and she talks fast so you better have your typing fingers ready because you won't want to miss any nuggets of wisdom she drops! She has taught me everything I know about pricing & packaging services and she is a marketing genius! Her branding is flawless, I am totally obsessed with it!




9. Melyssa Griffin. Melyssa is so inspiring! She started off as an all over the place, multi-passionate blogger who has turned her blog into her full-time business by selling her e-courses. She gives away a ton of valuable information for free which continues to impress and teach me so much! I think what is really cool about Melyssa too is her ability to balance her professional and personal brand in her business. She gives us little snippets of her life with Paul and her dogs, and we get to really feel like she is a friend and mentor all at the same time! Plus she is the inspiration behind my new Instagram layout (she briefly did the sweet diagonal grid layout too!).




A photo posted by Melyssa Griffin (@melyssa_griffin) on


10. Paul Angone. I first stumbled upon Paul as he wrote the introduction to Kayla's (see #5) book. I decided to research Paul and realized he is my spirit animal. But seriously, I wrote out aspects of my new dream career, the empire that I am working towards, and Paul has so many overlapping areas that he has become such an inspiration from a distance as I gain clarity on the vision I am working towards. Paul is the author of the All Groan Up: Searching for Self, Faith, and a Freaking Job!, the best-selling book 101 Secrets for Your Twenties, and has an e-course helping people uncover their unique Signature Sauce — where their passion, purpose, and career collide.



Who inspires you in your blog, business, or life? Drop me a comment below!

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