043: What is Psych-K & How It Can Help You with Jena Sophia

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I really think Psych-K is going to be the *thing* of 2019! Just like last year we had Human Design take over the wellness space; this is what to watch for! Psych-K is basically being able to do a year of therapy in a matter of minutes by working with a facilitator who can tap into your subconscious mind and overwrite / rewire the conditioning we’ve picked up over the years. In this episode I talk with Jena Sophia, a Master Psych-K practitioner who I met at Shaman Bootcamp last year. She shares her spiritual gifts, and insights with us throughout the episode too.


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  • What is Psych-K
  • My personal experience during a session with Jena
  • How Jena used Psych-K to heal herself and helps others today
  • Integrating multiple spiritual tools in one’s own wellness practice


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