Millennial Blog Posts For Twenty Somethings Feeling Lost

Millennial Blog Posts For Twenty Somethings Feeling Lost by rachel ritlop of the confused millennial

If you caught this post on “2017 Plans” last month, then you know I stopped doing monthly “goal” posts just about as quickly as I started. The perfectionist in me came out in full force trying to reach the goals I had made oh so public. While I do think it’s important to set goals, and my blog is definitely a nice revenue stream for me, watching it grow and flying by the seat of my pants a little has been what keeps it fun!

Here is a quick look back on January 2017 from a personal standpoint:

– This month took a serious emotional toll on me. Between politics and people, it feels like the month of ego’s run rampant and negativity everywhere I turn. This month consisted of a lot of beach time, binge watching, Mexican food, pizza, and tea —> basically my self-care mega-load.

– This year my word is “organized” — Oprah said she used to have a guiding word each year, but she found that whatever she themed her year as she got a bunch of stuff that tested the ish out of it… Which basically feels like what’s happening in my life. Due to the emotional rollercoaster, my organizational skills have gotten all flipped upside down. If you are struggling and feel like you keep hitting set back after set back, just know you are not alone.

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Which leads me to something new I am trying at the start of each month: a quick themed round-up of past posts on TCM!

This months post are to help you go from feeling totally lost and overwhelmed to just simply confused — haha see what I did there? Confused millennial and all that jazz ?.

5 Signs It’s Time To Take A Step Back

Coping With Anxiety In Real Life

3 Ways Simplifying Your Life Can Boost Happiness

How To Write Your Life’s Mission Statement

3 Secrets To Believing In Yourself

How Millennials Can Figure Out What To Do With Their Lives

3 Areas To Focus On When Feeling Lost As A Millennial

rachel ritlop the confused millennial

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Top 10 New Posts From January:

*These are the top 10 from what was posted in January only, not top 10 overall.

5 Cleaning Hacks For Other Confused Millennials

3 Areas To Focus On When Feeling Lost As A Millennial

The Confused Millennial’s Guide to Wedding Details

5 Conversations To Have Before Getting Engaged

How To Create An At Home Photography Studio On A Budget

3 Ways Simplifying Your Life Can Boost Happiness

2016 Recap & 2017 Plans

Loving Lately & Bachelor Week 4 Recap

Ask Rachel: How To Overcome The “First Post Jitters” As A New Blogger

Loving Lately & Bachelor Week 1 Recap

millennial blog

Dress Similar: Black & White  |  Similar Scarf: Ombre & Jacquard & Cable  |  Similar Hat: Cheaper Option & More Expensive  |  Shoes

January Posts for Forbes:

3 Benefits Companies Can Provide To Boost Work-Life Balance

Can Re-Framing Resilience Improve Work-Life Balance?

Why Companies Should Encourage Millennials To Take Bleisure Trips

Millennial Parents, 5 Tips To Successfully Work Part-Time Remotely

3 Millennial Myths Debunked By A Gen X’er


Looking to take control of your goals?

Grab TCM’s Goal Setting Guide!

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  • Jamie

    Thanks for rounding all of these posts up Rachel! Loving that black dress!

    xx, Jamie

    • Rachel Ritlop

      Thank you Jamie!

  • I agree that January was an emotional month fill with too much negativity! I coped the same way you did! Hoping that this month is much more positive!


    • Rachel Ritlop

      Same! Sending you positive vibes <3

  • Miss ALK

    Always fun to look back at the best posts of the month! You had some killer content!!

    xoxo A

    • Rachel Ritlop

      Thank you so much!

  • That pillow is ADORABLE and I’m loving these posts! January really was a pretty awful month

    • Rachel Ritlop

      Haha thank you! It’s from nordstrom a couple of years ago!

  • Totally pinning this for later, Rach! 😀

    • Rachel Ritlop

      Thanks Chelsea!

  • Love all of these posts! So helpful. January was a bit of a mess for me too haha.

    • Rachel Ritlop

      Thanks Jenny!

  • Sydney Power

    I swear it was new years just last week! But i loved all your content, it was awesome!

    • Rachel Ritlop

      Omg right?! And thank you so much!!

  • Anna Hubbard

    Dude, I seriously love all your posts! As a self identifying confused millennial, I look forward to reading your blog!
    -Anna |

    • Rachel Ritlop

      Aweee thank you Anna! That literally just warmed my heart!!! <3

  • Elly Leavitt

    January was such a headache for me too… especially re: the political situation currently happening. good to know we have similar coping methods re: pizza 😉 organised is a great “theme” to have! x

    • Rachel Ritlop

      Girl same!! That’s what I was primarily referencing with why January was so dang frustrating! lol BTW I think you would like the new netflix show, santa clarita diet, the humor I think would speak to you haha

  • Mary Duggan

    Beaching, binging, Mexican food and pizza?? Hey, girl there’s nothing wrong with that! Sounds like we should be friends, haha.

    Xo /

    • Rachel Ritlop

      Haha yasss! I’m so down!

  • ‘How Millennials can Figure Out What to do with Their Lives’ is something for me!

    Alix |

    • Rachel Ritlop

      Hope you enjoy it and it helps!

  • I especially enjoyed “Cleaning Hacks” and “At Home Photo Studios”. I am so excited to try those light bulbs you recommended.

    • Rachel Ritlop

      oh they are a game changer! The only complaint i have with them is you can’t dim them (they start flickering)! I was so surprised by how popular the cleaning hacks post was! I thought it would do well, but it did great!

  • I feel you on the negativity. I’ve just been avoiding it – which I’m not sure what that says – but life is to short to fight every.single.battle.

    • Rachel Ritlop

      haha i hear that. <3

  • I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve felt lost, I think it’s just part of being in your twenties. I hope February starts to feel a little less chaotic for you!

    • Rachel Ritlop

      Agreed and thank you!

  • Whitney H

    I think a lot of people are feeling the same way, just overwhelmed and lost. I know I sure have been! This is a great collection of inspiring posts. Way to go girl 🙂

    • Rachel Ritlop

      Thank you Whitney!

  • I can 100% relate to feeling that way! I really want to be more productive in 2017. I will definitely be reading some of these articles. 🙂

    • Rachel Ritlop

      Hope they help Christine!

  • This is a great list of articles! Also, you made me crave Mexican food haha!

    • Rachel Ritlop

      Girl I am getting brisket nachos tonight and am so dang excited about it haha

  • Haha girl, that’s the EXACT reason I never do monthly goals lists on my blog!!! The pressure I put on myself to get everything done outweighs any satisfaction and pride I feel in getting ANYTHING done if I don’t complete the list 🙁

  • Courtney Drew

    I agree with you completely on not making your goals public…I tried it once and I felt so overwhelmed and always felt the pressure to succeed on the goals I made because I knew my followers were counting on me. I make personal goals and lists that I would LOVE for them to happen but no more publicizing them!


    • Rachel Ritlop

      Omg thank you! You are the only other person to say they felt like that too! I have daily lists and everything, but honestly, if I don’t reach them, it’s not a big deal — plus I couldn’t share on the blog HOW I planned on reaching them since I am a blog coach/consultant and I can’t give alllll the secrets away for free haha

  • January was so full of negativity, especially there at the end… I hope February will be a more positive month.


    • Rachel Ritlop


  • Nicole Parise

    By now, most people have let the ‘restart’ part of January fly by 😛 and I always keep my goals to myself ha! Then no one will know.

    • Rachel Ritlop

      lol love it Nicole!

  • This is one of my favorite roundups yet. Definitely bookmarking to come back and read these.

    • Rachel Ritlop

      Aweee thank you so much Kirsten!!! <3 <3

  • I love this roundup! I read a couple of these and bookmarked some more for the future!

    • Rachel Ritlop

      Yay! That makes me so happy Silvia!! <3 Thank you!

  • Taylor Smith

    Girl — these pictures are GORGEOUS. HOLY COW!! I love these posts!

    • Rachel Ritlop

      haha thank you Taylor <3

  • Ashley Mason

    I totally agree on seeing so much negativity this month! I just result to reading to get away from it 🙂

    • Rachel Ritlop

      I’ve been reading too to escape from it! And I NEVER read!

  • Victoria Stacey

    My boyfriend could really use these right now. He’s feeling really lost in his path, and I think it’s extra hard for him because I seem to know what I want to be mine.

    • Yeah, I know what thats like… Hope he finds some clarity soon! I find that a lot of men are really struggling with finding their path recently… I know my husband feels like he is. It’s tough

  • Amy

    Def need to check these posts out! Really needed this lately.


    Amy | Pastel N Pink

    • Hope some of them help Amy <3 Sending you positive vibes <3

  • Those Bachelor recaps! So good. Can we agree that having The Bachelor return to TV was the best part of January?

  • Such a great roundup! I don’t always share my goals with everyone because sometimes I get nervous about people judging me or thinking my goals are silly.

  • Shannon Wong

    This is exactly what I need right now. Definitely going to be coming back to read these

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