Instagram Hashtag Hack

 Want help with Instagram Hashtags? What the heck is a hashtag and why do you need it? Not sure how to effectively use hashtags? Tired of typing out hashtags every time you post to Instagram? Check out my favorite Instagram hashtag hack on the blog, - No more typing out hashtags for hours or getting stuck in a hashtag rut!

Today’s post is all about my favorite Instagram Hashtag Hack!

If you’re using Instagram smartly, you should be using Hashtags. Hashtags categorize your photo so people searching for that word can find you! If your profile is set to private, only your friends will be able to find you using the hashtag. If you’re trying to grow your brand/business your profile needs to be public. That way hashtags will increase your visibility and help you grow.

You should not post the same hashtag for every single photo. Use specific hashtags that relate to your photo and will attract a targeted audience. You want to switch up your hashtags so you can be found by a wider array of people. There are rumors that Instagram will also “shadowban” you for using the same hashtags over and over. Furthermore, hashtags are limitless, so don’t pigeonhole yourself using the same 30 hashtags over and over again.

The best approach is to keep track of hashtags and organize them based on niche or genre. You’ll want your list easily accessible for copying and pasting. Better yet… create a special hack in your keyboard for them!

Keyboard Hack:

THAT’S RIGHT: You can post 30 hashtags with a simple 2-3 character prompt!

How?!? Let me show you:


Using the “Text replacement” feature under your keyboards section allows you to create a shortcut for your hashtags. In the above example my hashtags all relate to traveling. When I type #TR into instagram I am prompted to paste all of these with just three letters!

You can use this trick for all sorts of stuff actually. One time I used “text replacement” on my fiance’s phone so every time he typed “yes” to someone it said “no” and some other funny ones that probably aren’t appropriate for all ages ?  haha.

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  • Whitney

    OK, this is AWESOME. I haven’t exactly mastered IG hashtags yet but this is a great way to get started. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Whitney!!! Let me know if you have any more hashtag questions!

  • Stephanie

    This is the most amazing find ever. Thank you for sharing it with me. I’m going to add the short cut to my phone now!

    • Haha it’s going to save you so much time and SUCH a headache!! Enjoy!

  • celeo

    I’ve got to try this! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  • Ashley

    Wow!! This is such an awesome tip!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    xo Ashley

  • Elana Lyn Gross

    That’s such a good hack!

  • LeighAnn Searle

    Can’t wait to try this short cut! It will save so much time!

  • Oksana Radionova

    I had discovered this little trick a while back, but completely forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Bella Bucchiotti

    How amazingly clever is this!!

  • Allison Jones

    This is an awesome hack. I save my hashtags so I can just copy and paste, but this is even better. Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks Allison! That’s how I used to do it (typed them up n the notes section of my mac so they easily transferred for copy and paste to my phone) – but this was a gamer changer.

  • Laura Malone

    what a great idea! I keep a lot saved in notes but trying to keep them diverse is exhausting!

    • So true! I started grouping them using this trick and it’s helped a lot! Occasionally I’ll start switching out one or two if I am showing up a lot for a specific one.

  • Tiffani Grosser

    Well this is genius! How have I never thought of this before. I’m constantly copying and pasting, when I could have just been using the text replace! Such a great tip!

  • Cara Owens

    This is amazing, and thanks so much for sharing this awesome trick! Also, I think the no thing is hilarious, and may have to try that on my husband-haha.

    • Haha do it!! My fiance couldn’t figure out what was going on lol

  • Kate Steadman

    This sounds great!! I will definitely look into it! Thanks for sharing your tips.

    <a href="">Sara Kate Styling</a>

  • amelie

    OMG I’m definitely trying that text replacement thing! I love using hashtags, as they bring more people to my pictures, but tagging them can be such a pain in the a**… haha, thanks for the tip!

    Amelie |

  • Mai Lyn Ngo

    That text replacement hack is life!!!!!!!

  • Lynn

    What a great idea! I have my hashtags organized on Notes, but this works, too.

    xo, Lynn N.

    Pinterest/Twitter: @emmaandrose

    Instagram: @emmaandroseblog

  • This is such a good hack! I’ve been using Evernote to create categories of hashtags that I can easily copy and paste but this is just genius.

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