Inspiring Millennials with Erica Ligenza


Erica Ligenza is 22-year-old full-time influencer and marketing strategist from the Wharton School with a love for happy people, strong coffee, bold lipsticks and killer branding. She believes in living in your passions and currently works with brands as a content influencer, creates courses for aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs, and builds brand strategies for savvy business owners. She nerds out over big words and cool documentaries, collecting coffee mugs with quotes, and helping people have branding breakthroughs. She is also the blogger behind (CUR)! 

You are going to fall in love with her during this weeks episode! She has an awesome personality, and provides so much value!

During the interview we talk all about:

  • To niche to not to niche
  • How to figure out what fits for your blogs brand
  • How to effectively utilize internships to accelerate your career goals
  • Making the shift from blogger to influencer, and what that looks like
  • 2 things that bloggers do that hurt our industry
    • Quick clarifier: we touch on it during the interview, but I want to make sure to reiterate this point: when we are talking about guest posting for other blogs, we are talking about new blogs (speaking of which, if you are a great blogger this article by Coffee with Summer is fantastic on blogger to blogger etiquette!) that don't have a huge value add -- if you are writing original content as a guest post for a blogger with an engaged and targeted audience you are trying to tackle, it can be very beneficial!). 
  • How to pitch brands and bloggers you want to work with

Seriously if you are a blogger, you cannot miss this episode! 

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