Stitch Fix Review. Is it Really worth it?

Stitch Fix Review. Is it Really worth it?

I hate shopping. Seriously, I suck at it. I get totally overwhelmed and frustrated during the entire process. In high school, I would go to the mall every week with a few friends, where I would get lost and separated from the group. I have never understood how shopping was a group or partnered activity. You walk in, you scan the items, you try on, you buy and leave. My objective is to get in and out as fast as possible. I do not want the sales person to talk with me. I try not to make direct eye contact with anyone. 

Easy Last Minute Snapchat Inspired Halloween Costumes

I planned this post to be about "easy makeup based Halloween costumes". However, i find makeup to be confusing, so I decided to share a few extremely easy Snapchat inspired Halloween costumes you can make in under 5 minutes.

What Happens When You Only Using 7 Hashtags On Instagram

Rumor is, that if you are using more than seven hashtags per photo, Instagram decreases your organic reach and impressions on that photo to decrease spammy behavior and not let Instagram become the next Twitter (they even added a nice new feature in the "Activity" (the heart) tab, where you can see "People" now, making it a little easier to see who followed you, and in turn, if someone who just followed you unfollowed you a few hours later... but that's not the point of this post). Here is what happened to engagement, impressions, reach, and followers when I tried to use seven hashtags per photo.

3 Ways the Public Figures You Look Up to Are Probably Full of Crap

3 Ways the Public Figures You Look Up to Are Probably Full of Crap

What do I mean when I say that everything the coaches I looked up to say/do is bullshit? 

I mean it's all sales tactics. They are not really "secure" or "philanthropic"; they don't really know what they are doing... and most of their work is just a quick Google search away which terrifies them.

Seriously... let me break this down for you:

5 Fall Date Night Ideas for Any Budget

Fall is always such a magical time of year IMO. It always feels like magic is in the air as the holidays are about to kick off and the humidity finally starts to die down a little in Florida! Today I  am sharing my favorite fall inspired date night ideas (which totally work for friend date nights too!)  that you can do on any budget! 

5 Life Lessons From College So Far

College is a special time of great change and learning. Not only do we learn in the classroom, but we learn about ourselves and others. We learn about our capabilities and potential. We overcome immeasurable fatigue and sleep-depravation. Right now, many of us are more driven to do something great with our lives when we graduate than any other time in our lives so far. 5 Life Lessons From College So Far:

What's a Millennial?

What's a Millennial?

A Millennial is anyone born between 1982-1999. Millennials are also known as Generation Y (click here to read the full history of how the term was coined and by who).

The word Millennial has gotten a bad rep over the years... with many people who do not understand our unique generation referring to us as "lazy" and "entitled", with many articles claiming that the entire generation has narcissistic personality disorder.

5 Ways To Succeed As A Woman In A Male-Dominated Industry

In today’s world, where many industries are still very male-dominated, being able to “make it” as a woman means having to learn how to successfully navigate disproportionately male workplaces, such as investment banking to today’s top money making STEM professions, the ratio of women in the workplace, and those rising to the “top” is less than ideal. In fields such a higher education as well, where people often assume gender-neutrality and equality, women only hold 31 percent of full professors at postsecondary institutions. In fact, the higher one goes in the educational system, the fewer women are present. Check out these five tips for succeeding in a male dominated workplace.

20 Life Lessons from Gilmore Girls

In honor of Gilmore Girls sweet 16 this week and their return to Netflix on 11/25, I decided to have a little walk down memory lane and recap some of my favorite life lessons from Gilmore Girls. 

Patience & Stalking. A Millennial Love Story.

Patience & Stalking. A Millennial Love Story.

Sometimes things just "click" in your twenties...

I remember the first time I met my fiancé... It was an October night in Florida, I was 22 years old, and had just finished my waitressing shift, changed in the bathroom, and headed over to a friends pool party. I remember not knowing a lot of people there, and kind of just sitting on the sidelines watching. We maybe said one word to each other, if that, and I forgot about him the next day.

6 Ways Marriage is Different Than They Said It Would Be

When you've been with someone a while, people like to give you advice and forewarn you about the "realities" of married life. It's honestly really sweet and I appreciate people passing on good tidbits about how to handle finances, how to navigate serious arguments and how to plan for the future, but at the same time, it's incredibly misleading. Just as much as you'll hear lots of good things about marriage and tons of wishes for good luck... you'll also hear negative things. In fact, I can think of 6 things people told be about marriage that didn't turn out to be true... 

5 Social Media Mistakes Hurting Your Job Search

Even though social media use varies from one person to the next, anyone looking to make a good impression in today’s world should be mindful of how they present themselves online. Each of us is familiar with the standard rules of online etiquette and knows generally to be conscious of what we post. However we often forget the simpler, more insidious social media mistakes that we might not realize are hurting our job prospects and even relationships with our current colleagues.

8 Life Lessons from the comedy "Sisters"

I fell in love with both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler back in 2004, when they delivered us Mean Girls. Then fell in love with Tina Fey all over again in her book, Bossy Pants* which I strongly recommend if you haven't read it! 

Sisters* is now On Demand if you have the HBO app (woot woot!) and I HIGHLY recommend you watch this movie. Seriously, I could not stop laughing. Not gunna lie... this post is a bit of a stretch. I had to seriously think about these life lessons. 

5 Secrets to FINALLY Stick With Your Budget

5 Secrets to FINALLY Stick With Your Budget

Last night my "professional self" was facilitating a workshop on financial responsibility as a millennial. We talked about everything from financing a car, repairing your credit, retirement accounts, and the dirty word... budgeting. So many of the people in the workshop felt so lost when it came to financial responsibility, that I decided there must be other confused millennials out there looking for this info too (is that a right assumption? Would you be interested in a mini course on financial responsibility? Let me know in the comments or here.)

Learning how to manage your money is one of the most important things you can do for yourself at any age, but especially in your twenties. It may be hard to imagine not living paycheck to paycheck but it's totally possible and in your reach!

Are Millennials Really Changing the Workplace?

Millennials face unique challenges in the workplace as technology advances to unite the global community, especially as Generation X approaches retirement. Issues arise with management, job satisfaction and stability. The world is shifting, and millennials are eager for upgrades. This generation will unite technology with social consciousness for both humanity and the individual. It’s not just business anymore.

6 Life Lessons from Daddy's Home

The movie Daddy's Home with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell is about when real dad (Mark Wahlberg) comes home to his family and their step dad (Will Ferrell). The plot is pretty predictable so I'm not worried about revealing any spoilers here and more so focus on some nice reminders and 6 life lessons from this super funny movie!