Inspiring Millennials with Alyssa Coleman

 Alyssa Coleman is a holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher. Alyssa shares her experience with school and starting a business in this weeks episode of "Inspiring Millennials". Alyssa discusses what its like to start a business on-line as well as how to overcome common mistakes when launching a business. - The Confused Millennial with Rachel Ritlop



This post was originally published on May 23rd, 2016. I am bringing it back since so many new people have started watching the Inspiring Millennials vlog since I shared this one! I’ve also been crazy busy recording for an upcoming virtual summit I am co-hosting on “Mastering Your Career”. There will only be one more new episode of this series for a while, which will air next week, and then I am going to be sharing some back stories of our summit guests through mid-September! After that, I will need to see how I am feeling and will either resume this series then or after my wedding in October! Thank you so much to everyone who has watched & shared!

Happy Monday!

This week’s episode of the “Inspiring Millennials” vlog series is with Alyssa Coleman! Alyssa is a Holistic Nutritionist and yoga teacher. Alyssa is the founder of Alyssa Coleman Wellness and creator of the “anti-diet protocol”.

During the vlog Alyssa shares her experience in switching career paths, launching a business and the mistakes she made, and how she transitioned to having a successful on-line business. Alyssa gives actionable advice on business and self-care during the interview. I absolutely fell in love with her outlook, honesty, humility, and positivity vibe during the interview. She completely embodies her business in how she lives her life and it’s so inspiring to watch!



Connect with Alyssa on her website, Instagram, or Facebook.  

During the interview Alyssa talks about finding your audience on social media, make sure to download our guide to Instagram tools and stay tuned for our upcoming e-course, “Insta-groan to Insta-GAME!”


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  • Casey Oakley

    Loved this vlog! You are both so fun and relatable:) I specifically loved the discussion about getting over the idea of what you thought your life should look like….

    • Thanks for watching Casey!! Yeah I think thats such a universal struggle that isn’t talked about enough!

  • Summer Konicki

    So neat to learn more about this! Love the interview video and dialogue!

  • Heather Gullett Denniston

    I love your branding and the angle you are taking with your niche group. Really cool!

  • Amanda Rae

    I love what you’re doing on your blog!

    xoxo Amanda

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