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Lauren Louise Photography Rachel Ritlop

I'm Rachel, millennial career and business coach, and also the founder of The Confused Millennial (TCM).

Why did I decide to start TCM? Because I have no idea what I am doing and decided to just say f*ck it. Let's get real.

I want #TCMillennial to be a community for other confused millennials to share, connect, learn, and grow. So I highly encourage you to reach out, ask me anything, and request a post.

After looking up to so many "experts" in the space, and then finally getting to interact with them, I realized my suspicions were right, and it was all bullshit and they were figuring it out as they went too, and wished someone had let me in on it, so I decided to create this blog. The no bullshit resource for other confused millennials. Like it, share it, hate it, whatever, it's my truth and maybe yours too.

DISCLAIMER: This site is full of rants, random thoughts, and many typos!

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